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Q: What school wears Black Red and Green Tie?
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What color do Black P Stones wear?

The Black P. Stones gang wears the colors red, black & green.

What does scourge the hedgehog look like?

Scourge looks like Sonic, but he is green, wears red sunglasses , a black leather jacket ,sometimes Scourge wears a crown. He is hot!

What colours do other countries wear in the Olympics?

Australia wears green and goldchina wears red and yellow Canada wears red and white

What was the joker normal appearance?

The Joker's normal attire is a purple suit with a green tie . He has green hair and wears red , black , and white makeup ( war paint . )

What color gloves does Santa wear?

Santa was originally green. It was Coca Cola who made the red santa through advertising.

What gang wears green?

Bloods main bandanas are red or green

What style of converse sneakers does Nick Jonas wear?

He says that they go with everything. He especially likes green Converse.

What are the University of Hawaii school colors?

The school colors of Brigham Young University - Hawaii are crimson red and gold.

What are the different colours of belts of Karate?

That will depend on the style and school that you go to. In general the colors are white, yellow, green, brown and black, but there are various grades in between and many have added additional ranks.

What is a theme school?

A theme school is Wynbrooke Theme School.Themes are things that you do.for example red ribbon week is a theme were you were red and have a pep rally. Another theme is blackout everyone wears black.

What do the colors green red and black mean to black people?

Green is for the earth. Red is for the blood shed. Black is for the people.Answer:The African Flag.It means red, green, and black?

Child killer who wears red and black sweater?