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Q: Are their any websites with guys fighting to the death wearing only the tinnest of thong bikini underwear?
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How do you stop your sister wearing your underwear?

Unfortunately, the only way i managed to stop my sister from wearing my underwear was to move out!

Does wearing underwear effect your penis size?

No, wearing underwear does not affect penis size. Penis size is determined by genetics and other factors, not by what type of underwear a person wears.

Not wearing underwear will grow taller?


Can a girl get pregnant if she's not wearing underwear and the guy is wearing underwear?

No. If you do not know how babies are made you should not be fooling around at all...

How the penis can be make tight?

By wearing the right underwear....I will recommend natural pouch underwear.

Why do girls sometimes wear no underwear?

Some people are more comfortable not wearing underwear.

What do they say about a girl wearing red shoes?

It means that they are not wearing any underwear

Can virgin get pregnant with clothes on?

If she is wearing a dress and no underwear, yes. If she has underwear on, no? so basically if you have no underwear on your screwed? and you have a 50% chance?

Why do some bratz dolls have underwear printed on the plastic?

because it is more appropriate then wearing no underwear

Do you wear underwear under a toga?

No of course not! Underwear wasn't invented until the late 1880's and 2000 years ago Greco-Roman togas were used without underwear. Wearing underwear under a toga defeats the purpose of wearing a toga. A toga provides loose coverage and a feeling of freedom. Try wearing a toga with and without underwear and decide which feels better.

What age did you stop wearing underwear with cartoons on them?


Is it okay to just be wearing your underwear only when home?

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