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No; Hell in a Cell follows the standard no holds barred match rules. No disqualification and no count out.

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Q: Are there any rules in a hell in the cell match WWE?
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From 1-5 What is the most dangeous match in WWE and tna?

1.ultimate x match 2.extreme rules match 3.elimination chamber match 4.hell in a cell match 5.king of the mountain match

What is WWE undertakers greatest match?

casket matches no it's really "HELL IN A CELL"

Who won the triple threat match at WWE hell in a cell 2011?

alberto del rio

Has john cena been in a Hell in a Cell match?

Yes 2009 PPV Called Hell In A Cell For The WWE Title Against Randy Orton .... He Lost

What is WWE Ring The Cell?

There is no such thing, there is Hell In A Cell. Which is a match that was inspired by The Undertaker. It is basically a cage match with a little room outside the ring with a roof on top.

Was rey mysterio at backlash 2009?

yes, he fought calito in a hell in a cell match for the wwe championshop

Which match of WWE is the most deadly and bloody match in history?

ANSWERElimination ChamberHell In A CellInferno MatchTables Ladders and Chairs (TLC)Last Man Standing MatchBarbwire Rope MatchLadder MatchParking Lot BrawlHardcore MatchSteel CagePunjabi Prison MatchBuried Alive MatchNo Disqualification Match

From what sites can you watch or download the full 6 men hell in a cell match?

go to and search wwe

Who all has been in a WWE Hell in a Cell match?

Some of the prominent names that have been in hell in a cell are: Triple H Undertaker Batista Shawn michaels John cena Etc

Has john cena ever gotten fired from the WWE?

he has from losing a hell in cell match against barret, but barret rehired him

Will undertaker win tonights hell in a cell match?

He will because WWE is fake and there is always a problem and a solution. Wrong Kane won

Is brock lesnar on WWE 12?

Yes,to unlock him you must defeat Kevin nash in a hell in a cell match with triple h