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It really depends. A Siberian tiger is quite a bit larger than a black bear, and just as an adept hunter (probably better) as a black bear. Black bears are quite aggressive themselves, with the fact that they have to defend territories (males) or cubs (females) against other predators like other black bears, grizzlies, cougars, wolves and coyotes. And even humans.

However, such a fight can only be imagined because in reality, black bears and Siberian tigers never have nor will meet in the wild. So, in letting my imagination run wild, I would say that no, a black bear could not kill a Siberian tiger because the tiger is much larger and probably more fiercer than the bear, which gives it an added advantage in "defending" itself against such a bear.

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Only one smaller, like a cub or yearling. Adult brown bears are too much for the black bear to handle. In fact, grizzlies sometimes kill black bears.

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Q: Can a black bear kill a brown bear?
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Is the brown bear or black bear usually bigger?

The Brown bear is way bigger then the black bear. The brown bear is also more aggressive.

Is a black bear prey to a brown bear?

Yes. Brown bears, like Grizzly Bears especially, often kill and eat adult or young black bears whenever they meet each other.

Who wins fighting the black bear or brown bear?

The brown bear.

Can a brown bear kill a koala?

If brown bears and koalas lived on the same continent, it is entirely possible that a brown bear could kill a koala. However, given that their respective continents are half a world apart, a brown bear would not kill a koala.

Can a lion kill a brown bear?


Can a lioness kill a brown bear?


Which is bigger a black bear or a European brown bear?

The European brown bear. Though it is rare!

Who would win a black bear or a brown bear?

A bear is stronger but a wolf has better attack skills so it depends. A bear could be weak and the wolf could win. It could also be the other way around so either way is possible. No wolf on the planet could defeat a healthy brown or black bear in a fight, one on one. Only a pack of wolves could win.

Is a bear brown?

if it's a brown bear, yes if it's a black bear, no if it's a polar bear, no if it's a grizzly bear, yes

Which is more powerful the black bear grizzly bear or the brown bear?

Brown bear, and the grizzly is a race of the brown bear.

Who would win in a fight out of a black and brown bear?

Black bears usually flee from the bigger, stronger brown bear.

What is the color of the bear?

brown,,, white,, it depends on which kind the bear is....