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Your question is a bit vague and does not clarify for what you are seeking coverage, Injury or Property Damage. You may want to contact your insurance agent for coverage clarification.

Your home insurance policy does not provide coverage for illegal or criminal acts.

Your Homeowners Insurance Policy typically provides Property Hazard insurance that covers certain losses resulting from covered perils such as fire, lightning, wind, hail, theft, vandalism, etc.

Many Homeowners Insurance polices also provide liability coverage for certain accidental injuries to others for which you are legally liable along with legal defense for those liabilities. A fight would likely not be considered accidental.

A Homeowners policy will also often have a small amount of medical coverage for injuries sustained by the insured in or around the home.

If Someone sues you as a result of an injury sustained on your property or in your home you should forward the notice of suit to your insurer for coverage and legal defense consideration.

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It really just depends on the type of home insurance policy you bought and whether or not your liability covers losses that result from your choice of pet ownership. Not all policies are the same

The best source for answers about your policies coverage will come from contacting your Insurance Agent or your insurance company. You can generally find the phone number to contact them on your policy or on one of your mailed statements.

Bear in mind that Homeowner insurance is a type of "Hazard Insurance Policy that covers the named insured from financial losses that result from the perils or Hazards listed on the policy terms.

Liability coverage is often included in a home insurance policy that protects the owner from certain liabilities incidental to home ownership. Some policies automatically exclude any and all damages that result from our choice of pets while others may extend liability coverage for certain kinds of pets.

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Of course not. This is an illegal activity and therefore all illegal activity is excluded under the terms of the policy.

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Q: Can homeowners insurance cover dog fights?
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Does my homeowners insurance cover a neighbors dog attacking my dog?

Not usually. The neighbor's homeowners insurance would cover it underneath their liability insurance.

Is the theft of a dog insured by homeowners policy?

No, homeowners insurance is Property Insurance, it does not cover loses or damages resulting from our choice of pet ownership.

Does homeowner insurance cover dog chewing glasses?

Homeowners Insurance does not cover incidental property damage or loss resulting from our choice of pet ownership.Answerit depends , if it is your dog no you don't have any coverage for that . However, it covers dog chewing contact lenses.

Will homeowners insurance cover livestock guardian dogs?

That will depend on the individual insurance carrier. Some will not cover dogs at all, some cover only certain breeds, and some will cover any dog with no previous history of aggression. Ask your insurance agent whether your own policy covers your dog.

Does homeowners insurance cover hearing aids if a dog chewed it?

Not Likely unless you scheduled it on your homeowners insurance policy and paid an additional premium for it. Personal aid devices of this type are generally covered through your health insurance provider.

Will homeowner's insurance cover bills for my dog attacking a neighbor's dog?

It's possible but you should contact your insurance agent and ask. Most homeowners insurance policies these days have default language that excludes liability for for animals.

Where and how do you get insurance if your homeowners insurance is cancelled?

Contact a local independent insurance agency for possible insurer's for your risk.

Will homeowners insurance cover personal property if your dog ate part of a very expensive leather couch?

Not if it is your couch and your dog. If your animal damages a neighbor's property, he may have a claim against your homeowner's liability insurance, or vice versa if it is your property and another person's dog.

When watching a friends dog it is injured will insurance cover medical expenses?

Domestic animals are not covered under the homeowners policy. As it pertains to a liability situation, a dog would be considered 'property' and the homeowners "damage to property of others" provision in the liability section of the policy applies but only if you were the one who injured the dog, usually with a limit such as $500.

What if I run over a dog and they don't have homeowner insurance?

You could be liable in court if they could prove negligence on your part. I don't understand your questions about homeowners insurance? Homeowners insurance would not come into play.

Are prescription eyeglasses covered by homeowners if destroyed by the dog?

Homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for normal and expected damages that can arise incidental to our choice of pet ownership.

Does home owners insurance cover damage caused by a renters dog urine on carpet?

A homeowners policy is not the proper policy for property rented to others. It is only for owner occupied dwellings and will not cover damage caused by anything other than a covered cause.