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Q: Can you kidnap somebody and say it was self-defense?
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How much time can you get for cutting somebody in self defense?

only get time 4 agrresion only selfdefense and u dont get busted

What does it mean to abducted somebody?

To abduct someone means to take them away illegally and by force. It is a serious crime that involves kidnapping a person without their consent.

Who are predators on computers?

A predator is somebody that pretends to be somebody the same age as a child, or adult, then befriends them and convinces them to meet them somewhere. After that, they kill, kidnap, or rape that person.

What is considered kidnapping in Alabama?

Alabama Laws are classified to two degrees. First and second Degree. First Degree is when you kidnap somebody with intent to ransom them Second Degree is when you abduct somebody and did not return them

What is kidnap in Spanish?

secuestrar= to kidnap

How do you kidnap a dog?

kidnap a dog is when you kidnap the dog and they you will be rich to be rich i want 25000$

Is Philippines dangerous?

No! The Whole Philippines is not dangerous. Some say The Philippines is so dangerous but its not. The reason why they say this because in "Palawan" There was been a kidnap in 1999. - United States of America

How do you say i like somebody in spanish?

"Me gusta (alguien = 'somebody') (or the person's name)"

What is a word for kidnaping?

The wored for kidnap is help me i am being kidnap

When was Kidnap Syndicate created?

Kidnap Syndicate was created in 1975.

What do you mean by the hostages are free They paid their way?

the kidnap victims were free after a ransom

What do you say when somebody has the hiccups?

Bless you