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for sure there is none but you can make him look him up under

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Q: Cheat code to unlocke austen svr 10 wii?
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In svr 2010 what is the code for stone cold Steve Austin?

There is no cheat code. The only way to unlock him is when svr 2010 first came out from GameStop. They give a cheat code

Is there a cheat code for bob orton on svr 10?


Is there a master cheat code to unlock everything on SvR 2009?


Is there a cheat code to unlock Stone Cold and The Rock?

Not in SvR 2011

How do you unlock John Cena's other outfit?

Enter Cenation as a cheat code in SVR 2010

Can you unlock hornswoggle on svr 2009?

You can unlock Hornswoggle (as a manager) by entering the cheat code HornswoggleAsManager.

What is the cheat code for chris masters on svr 2011?

It's written on the back of your game manual.

Cheat code to unlock Evan bourne in svr 2009?

None. Downloadable Content Only.

How do you unlock the rock in SVR 2010?

You complete edges road to wrestlemania or type in TheGreatOne for a cheat code

How do you unlock DX atirre on SvR 2009 on wii?

There is a cheat code: DXShawn+TrippleHAttire. This should unlock it.

How do you hack svr 2010 roster?

look it up on youtube and then on the comments it will give you the codes to unlock the non playables and type in on the cheat code bit in wwe svr 10

Is Kevin thorn in svr 2009 you heard somewhere he is?

No he isn't but I know The Boogeyman is! type in the code THEBOOGEYMANEATSWORMS! in the cheat code menu to unlock him.