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Yes, Christmas fell on Tuesday, December 25th in 2001.

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Q: Did Christmas Day fall on Tuesday in 2001?
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What day this Christmas fall on in 2001?

it fell on a Tuesday

Did Christmas fall on a weekday or a weekend day in the year 2001?

Christmas fell on a Tuesday in 2001. Therefore, a weekday.

What was the day of the week for Christmas in 2001?

Christmas in 2001 was on a Tuesday.

Does Christmas day fall on a monday in 2018?

No, in 2018, Christmas day falls on a Tuesday.

When does Christmas fall on Tuesday next AFTER 2012?

The next year Christmas day will fall on a Tuesday is 2018.

What day did christmas 2007 fall on?

In 2007, Christmas Day was on a Tuesday.

What day of week was Christmas in 2001?


Does Christmas Day fall on Tuesday in 2017?

I think it is on a Monday

Can Christmas day fall on a Tuesday?

Yes, the next one is in 2018.

Will Christmas Day fall on a Tuesday in 2023?

No, it will land on a Monday in 2023

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