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Andre the giant died in his sleep from congestive heart failure.

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No he died of a heart attack.

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He died in his sleep with a heart attack

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Yes. He did at Wrestlemania III

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Q: Did hulk hogan ever beat Andre the giant?
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Hulk hogan or Andre the giant?

hulkamania brother Andre was good but hulkster is the greatest therel ever be

The best ever wrestling match?

I say the best wrestling match ever would be at WrestleMania 1 when Hulk Hogan slammed Andre The Giant.

Who is the best wrestler who ever lived?

Andre the giant!

Will hulk hogan come out of retirement?

hulkamania will com bak he might not for a bit but he will com bak u no what he did to Andre the giant or the great kahli he is the strongest wrestler ever so he will com bak

Has hulk hogan ever beat the rock?

No the rock is 2-0 againist hulk hogan. The rock beat hulk hogan at wrestlemania 18 in 2002 and at No Way Out in 2003.

Was Andre the giant ever married?

Yes. Andre The Giant was a 500 lb. man that was bisexual. He had a close encounter with Hulk Hogan in the locker room when Andre The Giant had a huge boner and Hulk Hogan confronted him and asked him, "Are you ok brother?", Andre replied, "Sorry, you're are very attractive", Hulk laughed it off until Andre squeezed Hulk Hogans butt which almost escalated into a fist fight. He had parties at his house with women and gay men that also stayed the night at his house and many reported men and women have slept on his bed and had sexual encounters.

Is Jeff Hardy the best wrestler ever?

Most contend that Steve Austin, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio Jr., Macho Man, Sting, Andre the Giant, the Ultimate Warrior or Rhyno are the best wrestlers ever.

Did ric flair ever beat hogan?

Flair actually won the first ever mach between them, a WWE Title match in Dayton, OH in 1991. The decission was by count-out. The basic script for their series of matches in 1991 in WWE was for Flair to pin Hogan, appearing to win the title, only to have the decission reversed on a technicality due to Flair's rulebreaking. Flair beat Hogan by count-out in their televised Clash Of Champions TV Special match in August, 1994. Hogan was injured in the story line leading up to that encounter. Flair pinned Hogan in a Jan 1996 match on Monday Nitro TV program, believed to be the first time Hogan was pinned in a non pay per view match since 1988 (when he was pinned by Andre The Giant in the main event of a NBC TV Special). Flair defeated Hogan for the WCW title in March 1999 in a Steel Cage match.

Will hulk hogan ever fight for championships?

Not anymore. He's basically retired, except for a few appearances each year. If you want to see him in his glory days, rent some dvds~Early wrestlemanias like 2,3 show him body slamming Andre the giant.

Who is big shows dad?

dearius is asking who isbig show dad but i don't carewats peanut fravote foodwats peanut middle namewat game do peanut likewats peanut dady mother names

Did Randy Savage ever defeat Hulk Hogan?

Yes Randy Savage beat Hulk Hogan 3 times, however Hulk beat Savage 23 times out of all the matches that they had. randy even beat Hulk Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship.

What is the best wrestling match ever?

well stat wise it would either be Wrestlemania 3 Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant (hulk Hogan won). Or Wrestlemania 12 Bret "hitman" Hart vs. Shawn Michaels for the wwe (at the time wwf title in an ironman match (Michaels won after the match was restarted after here was no pin falls or submissions after the 1 hour mark.