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Q: Did samurai warriors use ninja stars?
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What materials did samurai use for crafting?

Samurais were warriors, they did not do craftworking.

Do ninjas use samurais?

If you mean samurai swords, then yes. If you mean actually hiring samurai, then no. Some ninja were former samurai however.

How do you purchase and use ninja stars in wonder king?

My game wont let me buy ninja stars (please improve)

How do you use ninja stars on Naruto ninja destiny for Nintendo ds?

u jump and klick a dum! u press X and B, and it's kunai not ninja stars.

What is the difference between ninja and samurai swords?

There is and was no "ninja" sword. The "ninja" sword is simply a creation of Hollywood and wives' tales. Ninjas did however, use modified swords which I believe was made from wakizashis. Therefore..the difference between a sword a ninja would have used and one a samurai would have used would be its lenght.

Who were the first to use a sword?

the first were samurai warriors in battle. they had western sword-smiths that made these swords

If a ninja fights a samurai who wins?

The samuri sword would work better, as they have better mobility, and often a longer reach. The shape of the katana, works much better for both slashing (even through armour), and stabbing. They could easily penetrate the armour with a stab from almost anywehere. And if they where face to face, a diagonal slash to the shoulder, would make the Knight unable to fight.

Where might one find the proper technique a ninja should use when throwing stars?

There are many websites where one can learn the proper technique that ninjas use to throw stars. NinjaStars is a site that shows people how to throw ninja stars.

How do you employ the war ability in samurai warriors 2 empires?

I'll think its imposible to use war ability to your characters in your control...

Who would win a Samurai or Rajput?

The ninja would win in a face to face fight, and a normal assassination. whenever the ninja would defeat a samurai, he would take his swords. they practiced ninjutsu, enabling them in all areas of fighting. they could sword fight, as well as using blinding methods, illusions, shuriken, and mixed martial arts, giving them the hands down win. As was their training. Ninja was the name for scouts,and spys I.E low ranking warriors. Yes some people payed to train their ninja's to be ruthless killing machines but most werent. the Ninja has been glorified because what would you rather be? a spy, a coward who hid...and was in a much lower teir then a samurai. Or a badass who can defeat 20 highly trained samurai? The only way a Ninja would win is by sneak attack or ambush. Look up a dude named Hattori Hanzo. Born and originally trained as a samurai, but later switched up to become a ninja. He is considered the most badass warrior from back in the day and is credited with slaying several famous samurai in battle. He died of old age, according to wikepedia, but there is a legend that also says he was killed by a rival. I wanted to say the samurai were better warriors, but you have to look at the facts and pit the best of each practice against each other. Ninjas were also know to poison their weapons, some even carried rusty blades to give tetanus, as masters of deception the samurai had also a huge advantage over the ninja them self. The Samurai armour is tick and and strong, preventing few lucky samurais from being hurt to deep but the poison that ninjas used did the job in seconds. However the samurai also has a longer blade and are well skilled, with their weapons. In a fight u have to look at their advantages and diss, the samurai has thick armour were a slash can cut their armour but not make deep wounds, however poison runs deeply to the heart killing his victim in seconds or loose conscious. The Samurai has a longer reach with his katana but has no poison, but ninjas weare no armour or very little armour making it a death blow on 1 or 2 strike. Both figthers can kill each other in 1 blow as poison or fatal injury can kill the samurai or a single blow be made to the ninja. Ninjas have no armour or very little but make it up for their speed, agility and used of weapons. Unlike the samurai the ninja would retreat and hide in shadows waiting for his time to strike again, also they could use smoke bombs or black eggs (eggs filled with dust, shards of cristal and pepper making the eyes bleed causing incredible pain death in some cases) are very effective to the eyes. Traps were also used by ninjas, but note that not all ninjas were killers. Each ninja had his job, assassination, spionage, sabotage, seduction (also falls on assassination) medical specialist, smugglers and undercover also double agents. To put a more clear image of ninja vs samurai one can imagine US ARMY as the samurai and the ninja being NAVY SEALS. The samurai can kill the ninja, but is not very common, is mostly ninja killing samurai (Navy Seals killing Army).

How do you use ninja stars on poptropica?

You aim with the mouse and press the space bar to shoot.

What weapons does Zane from Ninjago use?

Zane uses is golden wepon the ninja stars