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Well obviously they have had to practice the fake and real Wrestling before they joined the WWE, however they only really practice backstage if they are coming back from an injury. Superstars who aren't known that well in the WWE, young superstars who are at the beginning of their careers mainly do off TV house shows and dark matches at live events.

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Yes they do, they have to rehearse each and every match for the Show - as anything could go wrong and they are needed to know where and when they do and perform.

But only trainers and the Superstars themselves know, sometimes even Officials and/or Referees, how the Match will end. As the Show is Scripted, but the Matches are not printed to the Announcers nor on any Script.

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They go over the highspots of their match but no they don't practice the whole match

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Q: Do WWE superstars practice before matches?
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