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Q: Do impatients come back for next year?
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Will steven tyler come back to idol next year?

Yes. He is a caveman, therefore he will come back.

Will Jeff hardy come 2 WWE?

He will be back next year

When you plant lantana in the ground will they come back the next year?


Why don't the chrysanthemums planted in the fall come up the next year?

Chrysanthemums planted in the fall often don't develop enough roots to come back the next year.

Is Justin Bieber ever going to come back to Ireland?

Maybe on his next tour. He said he is going back on tour next year, 2015

When does Jersey Shore come back on next year in the fall?

August 4, 2011

Do the winners of Strictly Come Dancing get a prize?

They get a trophy but they have to give it back the next year!!

What year will the year of the dog come back?

the last one was 2006, so the next two will be 2018 and 2030

Is the show going to come on again?

Yes it may but it depends on the show for example every year they have iceskating shows and the next year they come back but there are also temporary shows which might never come back!

Does Cosmo ever come back?

Cosmos are an annual, but they reseed easily. So, just let the seeds stay where they fall and they should come back next year.

When i spray with crossbow will the iron weeds come back next year?

For weed Management, spraying with crossbow may not be as effective and the weeds may come back again.

Is crash bandicoot going to come back?

He had a game that came out last year, Crash: Mind over Mutant. A new one's supposed to come out next year...