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US pilots usually carry the Beretta M-9, 9mm

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Q: Do jet fighter pilots have a weapon in case of an ejection?
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Why is it safe for pilots to carry guns?

Maybe in case if the plane crashed in enemy territory and the pilot still alive, he would then have a weapon to defend himself.

How do you know if your gun is left or right hand?

Case ejection

When was the first ejection seat released?

An ejection seat is used to rescue the crew of an aircraft in the case of an emergency by clearing the aircraft and then letting out a parachute. The first ejection seat was released in the 1940's.

What does the ae stand for in Winchester model 94ae?

Auto Ejection (of the shell case) Actually AE stands for Angle Eject,due to the top and side of the ejection port. Not like the old top eject port.

What would pilots carry in case they were shot down during war?


How does an automatic pistol work?

Although there are various methods, generally, automatic pistols work by using some of the energy of the fired projectile (recoil) to cycle the pistol. 1- Firing 2- Extraction (of the spent brass case from the chamber) 3- Ejection (of the spent brass from the weapon) 4- Chambering (of a fresh round of ammunition)

What are the two pilots called in twin seat fighter aircraft?

In almost every case I can think of, only 1 is the actual 'pilot'. - The other is a 'weapons officer' - 'radio intercept officer' or a navigator. In the US Navy it is the Pilot and the Naval Flight Officer (NFO), who mans weapons, communications and navigation.

Why do flights attendants and pilots wear uniform?

Looking professional for pilots and stewardesses is important. Also, in case of an emergency, it is important to be able to differentiate between who's in charge and who's not

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In this case, it would mean to "bear arms" - as in "carry a weapon.""He bears his load.""He bears a weapon."It means, "To carry a weapon."

Stove pipe shooting terms?

If you're asking what the term stove pipe means, it's when the empty case of a fired cartridge is protruding from the ejection port.

Can a soup can be categorized as a dangerous ordnance in a court case?

anything can be if its used as a weapon

What is a smokestack in a pistol?

Not sure exactly what you are asking. If you are referring to a stovepipe, that is a type of malfunction where the spent case does not fully eject from the pistol and gets stuck in an upright position in the ejection port.