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nope..sadly it doesn't.

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Q: Does WWE 12 have the stretcher match?
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What is a stretcher match in WWE?

A stretcher match in the wwe is when you have to incapacitate your oppponent and put them on a stretcher. The goal is to incapacitate your oppponent, put them on a stretcher and push them over a line on the top of the wwe ramp.

Which WWE games contain Lumberjacks match?

no wwe games include lumberjack match, but hope so in wwe 12

Is there a you quit match in WWE 12?


What is the casket match code on WWE 12?


Is there going to be a stretcher match in 2011?


How do you get goldust in WWE 12?

Win a universe match with Cody Rhodes, this match has to be created by the universe and not you

Can you do a 8-man tag team match in WWE 12?

you can if you want to.

Is WWE 12 the best game WWE game yet?

yes, because not like the other wwe games a diva cannot have a first blood match and other match that divas are not allowed maybe in wwe 12 they can now allow the divas to have some other matches that the superstars do

How do you win surviver seris match in wwe 12..villain storyline?


How do you get in a mixed tag team match and not get disqualified in WWE'12?

you can hit the referee

What is the casket match code on WWE 12 on playstation 3?

you type in os2gyr76k!

How do you get the stretcher match unlocked?

win the hardcore championship with john cena