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No, Actually he has different pairs that might look the same but they aren't

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Q: Does john Morrison wear the same wrestling clothes every time?
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Where is WWE superstar John Morrison?


Where is WWE john Morrison?

Wrestling on the independant ciruit

Is John Morrison a real person?

John Randall Hennigan uses the name John Morrison as a stage/wrestling name in his job as a professional entertainer/wrestler with the World Wrestling Entertainment company.

Does john Moore sounds close to john Morrison for a wrestling name?


Is wrestler john Morrison in a relationship?

John Morrison is in a long-term relationship with Melina Perez and has been for most of his wrestling carrer.

How did john Morrison get into wrestling?

He started out making movies. Then he trained to be a wrestler.

Who is the hottest man in wrestling?

John Morrison by far there is no one hotter than him.

When did John Morrison die?

He isn't dead his contract ran out with the World Wrestling Entertainment.

What is john Morrison's WWE ranking?

hes retired He is not retired he is wrestling in the indy scene

Can you use john Moore for a wrestling name even though it's my birth name and there's a john Morrison?


Was John Morrison ever in gymnastics?

He said in an interview that he did gymnastics in college after injuring his knee in high school wrestling.

What happened to wwe John Morrison?

John Morrison was written off the show on account of an injury by the Miz during a falls count anywhere match in November 2011, as this was just a story line the real reason for Morrison's departure was the fact that his contract with WWE had expired. Morrison has then appeared many times on the independent wrestling circuit wrestling in shows such as the WWFX and CWF.