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No, John Cena never said I quit he has been 4 I quit matches and won all of them

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Q: Has John Cena ever said I quit in a match?
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What is the next match with John Cena and Shemus?

it might be a submission match or a i quit match it has to be an I quit match because john cena and randy orton already had an I quit match and they were that's what john cena and sheamus might have.

Who won the you quit match john cena or Randy Orton?

John Cena

Who won the i quit match john cena vs jbl?

John Cena.

John cena verses Dave batista you quit match?

john cena won

Who won thie you quit match the miz vs john cena?

John Cena.

Did John Cena quit?

if you are referring to the i quit match between him and the miz then no

Who won the you quit match between cena vs miz?

John Cena.

Who won the I quit match on WWE?

John Cena won. He wins every I Quit match he has ever been in. First JBL, then Randy ORton, then Batista, and now The Miz

Did batista win against john cena in a i quit match?


Who won the you quit match at over the limit?

john cena

Why did batista leave?

he was in a i quit match with john cena and he lost

In the match john cena vs batista what happens if someone says you quit?

if your opponent says "I Quit" then you win. I am rooting for John Cena and I always have.