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Using senjutsu.

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Q: How can naruto defeat the ten tails jinchuriki?
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Which Jinchuuriki is the most powerful?

Probably Madara after he became the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki...

Who has ten tails?

the rikudou sennin has it because long ago he fought the ten tails and sealed it inside himself then became the first jinchuriki

Who is the strongest jinchuriki in naruto?

It is nine tails or the Kyuubi. However, Madar uchiha said that all the tailed beasts are fragments of the ten tailed beast called as the Juubi. However, till now there has been no physical proof of it.

How many tailed-beasts are there jn Naruto and Naruto shippuden?

I don't think so because in Japanese legends foxes could have up to nine tails, the more tales the wiser and older the fox was, so i doubt a ten tailed beast was created. I haven't finished watchng Naruto so I might be wrong.

Did Naruto Have 10 Tails when he become a Hokage?

Naruto isn't or hasn't been an Hokage, and Juubi (ten tails) is currently sealed to the moon, as stated by Madara.

Is juubi defeted by Naruto?

Yes, Naruto, along with Sasuke and the rest of the Allied Shinobi Forces, defeated the Ten-Tails, also known as the Juubi, in the Naruto anime and manga series. They were able to seal the Ten-Tails and bring an end to the threat it posed.

Does naruto defeat madara Uchiha?

The actual question is "Will Naruto defeat Madara Uchiha?" It hasn't happened yet, you see.Because Naruto is the protagonist while Madara as the antagonist, chances are extremely high. If I were you, I would count on it.

When is Naruto finishing?

Ok the Naruto series is scheduled to continue until the Naruto ark last stand. In last Stand Naruto fights sasuke, half way into the fight Naruto, sasuke team up to stop the Ten tails. Mind you naruto losses the nine tails in the ninja war after sasuke fights him in round 1. After that happens it will be over until the next installment.

Is ten tails going to beat nine tails?

Yes. It is called the Jubi, and it is the original tailed beast that the Sage of the Six Paths attempted to defeat, and ultimately turned into the other 9 tailed beasts in an effort to contain. Madara is very interested in collecting the 9 beasts to turn them back into the Jubi, so that he may become its host and use that chakra to use a genjutsu on the entire world.

How do you say 'Ten Tails' in Japanese?

The phrase 'ten tails' would be 十本のしっぽ (juppon no shippo) in Japanese. However, the word十尾 (juubi) has been used in the anime 'Naruto' to refer to a demon called 'Ten Tails'. I wouldn't recommend using this word, as it could also mean 'ten small fish'.

Give you one picture of 10 tails?

So far, this is the most that has been shown of ten-tails: An image of all the separate tailed beasts is on the next page:

When does the ten tails get revived?

The ten tails begins to revive in episode 341 of shippuden and naruto tries to stop it in episode 342 of shippuden as it still starts to revive. And finnaly at episode 362 of shippuden at the end it gets revived, sorry for the late response XD.