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Q: How do fake breasts feel compared to real ones?
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Why are some girls breasts bouncy and some girls stiff?

the stiff ones are either fake or the girl is very horney. the bouncy ones are good

Do real breasts or fake breasts weigh more?

Real breasts weigh more than silicone implants because of the higher specific gravity of muscle and blood (and milk in nursing breasts).

Should you play with breasts?

YEs because their nice and soft don't play to rough with fake ones cuz they might bust

Are Carmen Electra's Breasts real?

no they aren't real.....!!!! they are lifted up and do not hang.this is how you make a difference between fake ones and real ones..!!!

How can you tell if a sea shell is fake?

You can usually tell if a seashell is fake by feeling it with your hands. Although it is difficult to describe, fake seashells have a different feel to real ones.

Are all prescription ray-ban eyeglasses real?

No, you can get fake (only quality difference) fake ray bans. The real ones just feel stronger and better.

Can a shemale feed milk to a kid?

A shemale is a man with either fake breasts or real ones after taking hormones. So if they are real he probably can but since he can not be pregnant he first has to take pills to lactate.

Do boys like flat girl breasts or fat breasts?

big juicy ones

Do You Let your NAILS grow or put Fake ones?

You let them grow fake ones taste terible,

How can you tell between a real diamond and fake diamonds?

A real diamond will usually have more brilliance, sparkle, and fire compared to fake ones. You can also use a jeweler's loupe to inspect for imperfections, such as inclusions and blemishes, which are present in natural diamonds but often absent in fake ones. Finally, consulting with a professional gemologist or using a diamond tester can provide definitive verification.

Where can you get fake Oscar statues?

you cant get fake oscars, it is not legal to sell fake ones.

How many WWE divas breasts are real?

Just the flat chested ones Maria Kanellis for sure. Michelle McCool I think and after that I think they are all fake but as a guy it really doesn't matter.