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you can only fight Santa claws when it is Christmas time. when it is Christmas time go to northlandlight to fight Santa claws

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Q: How do you battle Santa claws in aqw?
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How do you get the Tuning Claws on aqw?

to get the tuning claws you go to mythsong and go to the reputation shop

What is the duration of Santa Claws?

The duration of Santa Claws is 1.38 hours.

Is claws of the astral recommended in AQW?

Yes, "Claws of the Astral" is a recommended weapon in AQW for players who favor the high critical hit chance and damage boost it provides. It is particularly effective when combined with classes that benefit from these attributes.

When was Santa Claws created?

Santa Claws was created on 1996-10-22.

What are the ratings and certificates for Santa Claws - 1996?

Santa Claws - 1996 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

How do you get Claw of Miltonius in aqw?

from the first quest in the wheel in swindle u can get some of the claws :)

Is Santa Claws by Scott A. Butler available in hardback?

Not at this current time.At the moment, Santa Claws is only available as an ebook.

Who is the Christmas king?

santa claws

Is the ankle biter in aqw a battle pet?


What are the release dates for Santa Claws - 1996?

Santa Claws - 1996 was released on: USA: 22 October 1996 (video premiere)

Is Santa Claws by Scott A. Butler available in paperback?

No, it is currently not available in paperback.At this time, Santa Claws is only available in ebook format.

Which is not a name for Santa Santa Claws Noel or Saint Nicholas?

Father Christmas