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go on the inernet andtype wwe 2009 caws psz

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Q: How do you customize attributes of created superstar in create a WWE superstar in WWE 2009 ps2?
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Can you create alternate ring attire for the created superstars?

unfortunately, you cannot do this, but you can change the colour of their costumes and trunks etc. by going to create a superstar and then go on superstar threads.

How do you create aj styles?

If I was you I would find a website with CAW (Created Superstar) formulas.

Is gold berg in svr 2011?

Unfortunately, Goldberg is not in SmackDown vs. RAW 2011. You can, however, make him using the Create-A-Superstar feature, give him an entrance and customize his move-set.

How do you give a finisher to a created superstar on smackdown vs raw 2010?

you first go into create a move set in the create-a menu. you click on created superstar and then find the person you want. click on them. go down to special moves. click on created finishers and find the finisher you want.

In 2010 how do you go to superstar threads?

you go on create mode and then go to create a superstar and it shud be there.

How do you get to the CAWS menu on Smackdown vs Raw 2007?

To get to the create-a-superstar menu on Smackdown! vs. Raw 2007 (for PS2), select 'create modes' while on the menu screen. Then, select 'create a superstar' and press 'new superstar'. It will then take you to the create-a-superstar screen.

How do you create a party if you are not a superstar in stardoll?

buy superstar membership.

On smackdown vs raw 2010 how do you equip a finisher with a superstar?

Go to their movesets go into wherever there finishers are then go created finishers and give them the created finishers. For ideas go to and look down the bottom then click on created finishers for whatever game is there. Vote 100%, C641076

How do you unlock Eddie in smackdown vs raw 09?

He isn't a unlockable superstar but you can create him in create a superstar mode

Can you make your superstar in WWE 2010 psp?

yes you can if you go to create mode and click it,it will come up and you go to create superstar

How do you create WWE Characters that are not on the roster?

Go to create mode, then to create a superstar.

Can you play as divas on SvR 2010?

hi this is nas you go to create mode then go to create a wwe superstar then it will say create a dive and on top of that it wll say create a superstar. from nas12454366