How do you do the spinebuster?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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grab the opponents legs and hoist them up so that there waist is on your shoulders slam them down landing on your knees

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Q: How do you do the spinebuster?
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When did Triple H started wrestiling?


What is Triple H signture move?


What is batista Finisher?

Batista Bomb Spinebuster Suplex Spear

Triple H his signature move his?

triple-h's signature move is spinebuster....

What is triple-h's signature move?

The Spinebuster. However, rarely it's the Deathlock or the High Knee Lift.

What is the rocks signature move?

Rock bottom, People's elbow and the rock spinebuster it is called peoples elbow-can you smell what the cooking

What are Batista Undertaker and Triple H's special moves?

Batista's move is a Batista bomb and spear , Undertakers moves are a choke slam and tombstone,Triple H's move's are a spinebuster and a pedigry and correct me if I'm wrong about the pedigry

How do you move while doing finishers on SVR 2011 on PS2?

There are only a few finishers you can move while doing, like for instance "Hell's Gate" and "Spinebuster", but that's actually just to decide which direction you want to throw your opponent. You move like normal with the left analog stick.

What is Dave Batista's signature move?

5 Knuckle Shuffle...The five knuckle shuffle and his finisher is either the stf (shut the f up) or the F U, aka attitude ajdustment

What are stone cold Steve austins finisher and signature moves?

Finisher-Stone Cold StunnerSigniture Moves-Back body drop-Boston crab-Catapult-Clothesline-Leapfrog body guillotine-Pointed elbow drop-Sleeper hold-Spinebuster-Stomp to the opponent's groin-STF-Suplex-Superplex-Texas piledriver-Thesz press followed by multiple punches

Can you counter a spear into a ddt?

As the opponent hits you, let your body drop backwards and your legs slide down45degrees. Put him in a front face lock and do a quick drop to plant him into the ground. Thus you acheive your ddt from a spear reversal. But if the opponent is fast and strong he might shake his head lose, and be in a perfect position to deliver a crushing spinebuster. I am a local wrestler, and have won some titles in some companies and wrestling titles. My dream is to join the WWE. I hope i have been of help.

What is the signature move of Chris Benoit?

Benoit's special was the Crippler Cross Face in which he would get his arms and locks them in front of your face and pulls as hard as he can so you can tap out.His second special was the Diving Headbutt, whose name was originally called "The Swan Dive". Diving Headbutt is where he would jump off the turnbuckle and hits his opponent with his head first.He also had the Sharpshooter which is also a painful strong submission move.Alot of these manouveres were his '' Finishers '' although he had many Signature moves during his career, such as ;Back body drop ,Backhand chop ,Dragon screw ,Figure four leglock ,Forearm smash ,Headbutt ,Lariat ,Multiple suplex variations , Belly to backBridging Northern LightsExploderGerman SupleGutwrenchHat Trick (Triple rolling Germans)SlingshotSnapSuperplexThree Amigos (Triple rolling verticals) - used as a tribute to Eddie GuerreroShoulderbreaker - 2001-2003 ,Spinebuster - 1991-1994 ,Springboard clothesline - 1994-1998 ,Suicide dive.