How do you unlock the rock in SvR 2008 on wii?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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go to main event mode and select stone cold Steve Austin and pick easy mode then pick raw for you to be in and then ecw and then the first time you get in smackdown it will unlock the rock then when you leave the main event mode make sure you save the game 2 times. P.S. Good Luck :)

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cheat codes

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Q: How do you unlock the rock in SvR 2008 on wii?
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How do you unlock Evan bourne in svr 2009 for Wii?

you have to download him

How do you unlock sheamus wii 2010?

you cant he is not in svr 2010

How do you unlock DX atirre on SvR 2009 on wii?

There is a cheat code: DXShawn+TrippleHAttire. This should unlock it.

Can you unlock nexus on WWE svr 11 for wii?

yes connect the wii to your cumpeter it also works on ps3

Is stone cold Steve Austin unlockable in svr 2010 for wii?

no you cant unlock him for the wii... only for the ps3 and x360

How do you unlock the referee in svr 2010 wii?

You must win 20 matches with rey mysterio

How do you unlock hulk hogan in Wii smackdown vs raw 2010?

He is not in any of the SVR 2010 Formats

How do you unlock r truth in svr 09?

You can't unlock him. You have to create him or wait till he's on DLC, but DLC is not available for Nintendo Wii.

How do unlock WWE shop in svr 2011?

you don't unlock it. it just doesn't come with the ps2. i don't think it comes with the wii game either.

Why cant you unlock the god of rock on Wii?

because wii has medelhead and elvas

How do you get a steel cage match or hell in the cell on smackdown vs raw 2008 for wii?

Sorry but you can't. They have it in SvR 2009 for the Wii though!

How do you unlock mick foley in svr 09 for the wii?

Mick Foley was left out of all of the the SmackDown vs RAW 09 games.