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(noun) "The robber hit the store owner with a bludgeon and took his money."

(verb) "Highwaymen would bludgeon one victim to discourage resistance by the others."

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Blugeoning caused his death.

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Q: How do you use Bludgeoning in a sentence?
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bludgeoning is correct

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The word "bludgeoning" is pronounced as "BLUHJ-uh-ning."

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The correct spelling is "bludgeoning", and it means beating with a club or other heavy object.

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I think the word bludgeoning generally refers to all the trials and tribulations suffered by William Henley and specifically to his hospitalization with tuberculosis of the bone. In the movie "Invictus" the word refers generally to the trials of Nelson Mandella and specifically to his thirty year imprisonment. Peggy

What is a bludgeoning weapon?

A bludgeoning weapon was intended to injure or kill by shock. If it was used properly, it would kill a person in heavy armor by concussion or breaking bones. A blow to a helmet, for example, could break a person's neck without doing much to the helmet itself. If such a weapon had spikes or other sharp protrusions, it could penetrate armor, but often the intention of this was as much to rip the armor off a person as it was to stab the person in it. Clubs, cudgels, maces, morning stars, and flails were all types of bludgeoning weapons.

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