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Q: How do you use substitution jutsu in bleach vs naruto?
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What jutsu naruto use to transform to a girl?

It's called 'Sexy No Jutsu.'

What jutsu does Naruto use in Naruto vs Goku cartoon heros league?


How do you use a tag team jutsu in clash of ninja revolution2?

You use tag team jutsu in Naruto 2 by walking forward and hitting the jutsu button

What is the use of Shinranshin jutsu in Naruto Shinobi Breakdown?

it maybe Mind Transfer Jutsu or Ninja Art

Is it possable to use jutsu like in naruto?

What do you think? its all fake.

What jutsu did itachi give to naruto?

It was more chakra for him to use in the future.

Do you want information on Naruto?

Sorry but I'm just gonna talk about Naruto's moves. Rasengan: Naruto's main move. A blue "ball" that does damage. Created by clones. Shadow Clone Jutsu: Needed to use Rasengan. Naruto learned it from the scroll. Naruto can multiply like cells with this jutsu. Summoning Jutsu: Naruto can summon a huge toud that has amazing powers. Of course he knows more jutsus but he sucks at them unless if you're talking about the Sexy Jutsu.

What episode of naruto does choji use his butterfly jutsu?

Original series 114

What are the people Kakashi use copy jutsu on in naruto clash of ninja revolution?

Naruto Sakura Sasuke Lee Shikamaru

We can only use one jutsu in a turn on Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm?


How do you use sharingan in Naruto shippuden clash of ninja revolution 3?

walk backwards then use your jutsu

Why does naruto only use kage bushin no jutsu and rasengan in the series now?

because naruto can't always control what he summmons with the summonign jutsu so he only uses kagina shuno jutso and rasengan