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by winning special matches

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Q: How do you win in week 2 of road to wrestlemania in smackdown vs raw 2010?
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How do you find cm punk in the hallways during week 7 in Christian's road to wrestlemania on smackdown vs raw 2011?

he's on week 8

Where is Chris Jericho on week 3 on Rey Mysterio's road to Wrestlemania Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

You can find him in the parking lot.

In wwe smackdown v raw 2010 in road to wrestmania can you go back to week 4?


In svr 2010 how to win road to wrestlemania created character week 6?

beat each other up.

How do you unlock Jesse in svr 2010?

Play as Edge, and hit every opponent with a finisher in Week 2 of Road To WrestleMania.

How do you find legacy in Christian's road to wrestlemania week eleven?

green room

Where is Kane on Christians Road To WrestleMania PS2?

Week 7 in an inferno match.

How do you unlock players in smackdown vs raw 2010?

Go to road to wresltmainia to unlock bob orton at week 9 or randy ortons do not use strikes.

What are all the cheats for WWE 12 for ps3?

To Unlock these Characters, go to options then cheat codes & type these in as you see themDirt Sheet And Vince's Office BrawlsType in BonusBrawlThe RockType in The Great OneJohn Cena's Street ClothesType in CENATIONRandy Orton's Referee CostumeType in ViperRKOSantino Marella's Street ClothesType in Milan MiracleShawn Michaels DX CostumeType in Bow DownTriple H DX CostumeSuck IT!(Now I Am Going To Give You A Couple Of Tips)To Unlock These Characters, Do What I Say HereCowboy Bob Orton:Play On Randy Orton's Road To Wrestlemania, And On Week 9 Do Not use Any Strikes In Your MatchDusty Rhodes:Play On Randy Orton's Road To Wrestlemania, At Wrestlemania Beat Cody Rhodes And KO Dusty Rhodes After The MatchEve:Play On Mickie James's Road To Wrestlemania, On Week 2 Beat Maryse By Pinfall Or SubmissionEzekial Jackson:Play On The Created Superstar's Road To Wrestlemania, On Week 3 Throw Every Opponent Out Of The Ring At Least OnceGreen & Red Dummies:Play On Randy Orton's Road To Wrestlemania, On Week 3 Refuse Cody Rhodes's Deal Then Reverse 3 Of Batista's Attacks In Your MatchJesse:Play On Edge's Road To Wrestlemania, On Week 2 Hit Every Opponent With A FinisherMr.Mcmahon:Play On Edge's Road To Wrestlemania, On Week 11 Put Triple H Through An Announcers TableTed Dibiase Sr.:Play On Randy Orton's Road To Wrestlemania, At Wretlemania Defeat Ted Dibiase Jr. Then KO Ted Dibiase Sr. After The MatchTrish Stratus:Play On Mickie James's Road To Wrestlemania, And Successfully Complte ItThat's All You Need To Unlock Everyone!!

In Smackdown vs Raw 2010 who can you unlock?

You can unlock: - "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase Sr: At the end of Randy Orton's Road to Wrestlemania, pin Ted DiBiase Jr. then KO his father. - "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes: At the end of Randy Orton's Road to Wrestlemania, pin Cody Rhodes then KO his father. - "Cowboy" Bob Orton: In week 6 of HBK's Road to Wrestlemania, make Chris Jericho bleed. - The Rock: Complete Edge's Road to Wrestlemania or enter "The Great One" in the options menu under 'Cheat Codes'. - Stone Cold Steve Austin: You can only unlock Stone Cold if you pre-ordered the game. There should have been a code on a piece of paper in the box. Go to the PlayStation Store and at the top right of the screen, click on "Redeem Codes". Enter in the code exactly as it's shown and you should be sent to the FREE download. Download it, and you will have Stone Cold as a character in your game. However, on the character selection-screen and every other place you can select Stone Cold, it will say "Downloadable Content". There is no problem with this, but just wanted to add that in there. - Ezekiel Jackson: Create a superstar then play in the Create-a-Superstar Road to Wrestlemania. In week 3, throw each opponent out of the ring at least once. - Green and Red Dummies (people who act out the moves in the Create-a-Moveset mode): In Randy Orton's Road To Wrestlemania, refuse Cody's help then reverse three of Batista's attacks in Week 3 before Undertaker gets you. - Jesse: In Edge's Road To Wrestlemania, hit every opponent with a finisher in week 2. - Vince McMahon: In Edge's Road To Wrestlemania, put Triple H through an announcer table in Week 11. - Eve: In Mickie James's Road to Wrestlemania, pin or submit Maryse in week 2. - Trish Stratus: Complete Mickie James's Road To Wrestlemania. *Even though you didn't ask for this, I just wanted to add this in*: - Champion of Champions Championship Belt: In the Brand Warfare Road to Wrestlemania, win the Wrestlemania match as either Triple H or John Cena to become the Champion of Champions. **Then you will have all the characters I have. I don't know if there are any other secret characters, so keep looking!**

How do you unlock wcw on svr 09?

U Pin Finlay In Week 3 Of Chris Jericho Of Road To Wrestlemania

How do you unlock the rock in raw vs smackdown?

You have to go through the Vs. Undertaker Road to Wrestlemania and complete the "Challenge Matches." Each RTWM has a total of 6, and the 6th one is at Wrestlemania where you face off against a Legend, but that match is open if AND ONLY IF you've completed the other 5 challenge matches. Vs. Undertaker Week 2 (Backstage Brawl): Randy Orton Week 3 (Backstage Brawl): Kozlov Royal Rumble (Backstage Brawl): Ziggler Week 9 (Tables Match): Big Show Week 12 (Backstage Brawl): Batista WrestleMania (Last Man Standing): The Rock You must find these people and WIN the challenges before the Rock is available, and then you must beat him at Wrestlemania.