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There are a number of different ways that Japanese Samurai weapons have influenced modern society. One of the main ways is in the teachings of Martial Arts.

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Q: How has Japanese Samurai weapons influence modern society?
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Who would win a battle Japanese samurai or a spartan warrior?

The samurai. While both were disciplined, fanatical warriors, the Samurai's steel weapons would outclass the Greek's bronze.

What were the Japanese weapons?

Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto= These are the famous japanese samurai weapons which was used in sword fighting. Amongst all the three, katana sword is the most expensive one.

What are Japanese samurai battle uniform and weapons?

they had a thick metal shell with chain mail on the inside for armor. Used swords and bows for weapons.

How do say samurai weapons in English?

Samurai weapons. Or more like katanas

What has the author I Bottomley written?

I. Bottomley has written: 'Arms and armor of the samurai' -- subject(s): Armor, History, Samurai, Weapons 'Shogun' -- subject(s): Art, Exhibitions, History, Japanese Art

What were the names of the samurai weapons English?

katanawakizashiyumiyarikanaboTantoAll these are very famous samurai weapons (originated in japan) which were used in fighting.

What weapon is synonymous with samurai warriors?

Katana swordsThe samurai used a variety of weapons and armors depending on the time period. The katana style of sword became popular in the later part of Japanese history, and they are usually associated with it.(The katana is popularly called a samurai sword.)

What made the samurai unique?

the samurai are unique by there bushido, dress codes, weapons and ethics!

How does the bow and arrow influence the western society?

it doesnt really influence anything in the w.s. because they already had weapons which kind of over ruled the bow.

Did the Samurai have special weapons for different tasks?


What is the movie that is like bloodsport but with weapons?

American Samurai

What did samurai need to use in the middle ages?

Samurai needed to use armour and weapons in order to complete their comquests