How is Triple H related to Jojo?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Triple H is Jojo's uncle. He isn't related to anyone by that name Jojo LeVesque is not related to Triple H. He is not her uncle as his sister only has two children, and she is his only sibling.

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Far as I know,they are NOT RELATED at all

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Q: How is Triple H related to Jojo?
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Who is Jojo that is related to Triple H?

This is a common misconception. Pop star Jojo's real name is Joanna Levesque, meaning she coincidentally has the same last name as Triple H (Paul Levesque). They aren't actually related.

Are Jojo and Triple H brother and sister?


Are Paul Levesque Triple H and Joanna Levesque Jojo related?

No Paul Levesque better known as Triple H is not related to Joanna Levesque. Joanna Levesque is a R&B singer most known for her song, Too Little to Late.

Who is k-ci and Jojo father?

Triple h for wwe wrestling

Is Demi Lovato related to Triple H?

No demi lovato is NOT related to Triple HNo demi lovato is NOT related to Triple H

Is Triple H and shamus related?


Is hornswoggle brothers with Triple H?

Finlay is Hornswoggle father and no hornswoggle is in no way related to triple H.§EscapeNinja§

Is Shawn micheals and Triple H related?

no they are not related but they are close friends

Is Lemmy Levesque Triple H's father?

His name is Ian Fraser aka Lemmy Kilmister not related to Triple H

Are undertaker and Triple H cousins?

No, they are not cousins. They are not related.

Is joanna levesque related to paul levesque Triple H?

ive heard other people saying that triple h is her uncle

Is Triple H related to someone?

yes he has a sister named Lynn