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Christain had the world title in WWE for three months exactly

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Q: How long did Christian have the world title in WWE?
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How long did christian hold the WWE world title for?

First reign was 2 days. The 2nd was a month.

What are your predictions for WWE Hell in a cell 2011?

My prediction is John cena retains WWE title Randy Orton defeats mark Henry for world heavyweight title Christian defeats sheamus

How long has Christian held the intercontinental title in his career?

Christian is a three-time WWE Intercontiental Champion and his combined title reign is 128 days! (#1 for 28 days, #2 for 50 days and #3 for 50 days).

Who is the current wwe world heavy weigh champion?

As of September 3, 2011, The Viper Randy Orton. He won the title from Christian at SummerSlam.

Did christian from WWE have long hair?


Who is the best wrestler never to win a world title?

Christian, plain and simple in my opinion if you dont count his time in TNA. To me, WWE is all that really matters, and he is yet to capture the title there... Keyword, "yet"

How do i get the wwe world heavyweight title?

Do I have to buy it now and where

Who are the title holders on smackdown vs raw 2010?

ecw= christian wwe= Randy Orton usa= MVP intercontenental= Dolph Ziggler world heavyweight= Edge

How many times has Matt hardy been WWE champion?

Never. Matt hardy has never won the WWE title or the World Heavyweight Title. He has won the United States Championship, European Title and the WWE Tag Team Title.

Is ecw a part of the wwe bragging rights ppv?

Most likely, ECW Champion Christian may have to defend his title at WWE Bragging Rights.

Will John cena become world heavewight champion?

Probably he might. He is currently wrestling in WWE Raw brand and the brands title is the WWE title. If he moves on to WWE smackdown he may compete for the World Heavyweight Championship which is the smackdown brands title belt. so in 2012 maybe if he gets drafted to smackdown he will fight for the world heavyweight title

When will there b a new WWE world title belt?