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It never ends.

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Q: How long does WWE universe last in svr 2011?
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Can you have a championship match on WWE smackdown vs raw 2011?

Only in WWE Universe

Does svr 2011 ps2 have WWE universe?

Yes ,Because 2011 Is The Beast

How do you unlock Yoshi tatsu in WWE svr 2011 ps2?

you can unlock yoshi tatsu by playing wwe universe

How do you unlock the titles on svr 2011?

play through wwe universe and then you can only use the wwe, world, us, championships in wwe universe after unlocking and for the others you can type in this cheat code historicbelts i think if i remember correctly i beat the game

When is summerslam 2011?

World Wrestling Entertainment conducts SummerSlam 2011 WWE wrestling pay per view at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on August 14, 2011 to entertain WWE Wrestling Universe.

Why can you not join the WWE Universe?

You are already part of the wwe universe if you watch and like wwe you don't have to join it!!

How do you becoume a member of the WWE universe?

there is no WWE universe you just have to be a fan and they call you that :)

What is the last WWE ps2 games?

Smackdown vs Raw 2011

When does WWE 2012 come out in new zealand?

it came out last year in november 2011 if your talking about wwe 12

Who do unlock goldust in svr 2011?

you win 10 raw one on one matches on wwe universe mode.

Can you play ecw shows on smackdown vs raw 2011 in WWE universe?

yes you just have to unlock ECW

Is WWE universe free?

Yes Wwe Universe Is Free! I Got An Account On There Too!