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I am pretty sure it is about a three and a half feet long. Sorry I can't tell you the real answer I have been trying to find it out and I can't find it.

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Q: How long is the WWE championship belts?
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What WWE belts did Randy Orton have?

Randy Orton has had the World Heavyweight Championship, United states Championship, And WWE Championship but not for very long!

Where can one find pictures of WWE championship belts?

A search on Photobucket yields many pictures of WWE championship belts. Wikipedia also has images of championship belts. Lastly, the official WWE website has pictures of championship belts, as well as replicas for sale.

What is the best WWE belt you can get have in the WWE?

The World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship are tied for the best title to hold. They're the primary belts. The Intercontinental and US belts are secondary belts yea the world heavyweight and wwe championship are the primary belts u.s intercontinental are the secondary belts

How many wrestling belts are there on WWE and what are they called?

current championships: wwe championship wwe world championship wwe united states championship wwe tag team championship wwe world tag team championship wwe womens championship wwe divas championship retired championships: wwe hardcore championship wwe light weight championship wwe European championship wwe million dollar championship wcw cruiserweight championship wcw cruiserweight tag team championship wcw hardcore championship wcw television championship ecw championship ecw world tag team championship ecw ftw world championship ecw television championship ecw Maryland championship ecw Pennsylvania championship all together 21 championships

What are the belts on RAW?

They are the WWE championship,Intercontinental championship,World tag team championship and the women's championship

Who won the most WWE championship belts?

John Cena

How many championchips is in the WWE?

1.WWE Championship 2.Tag Team World Championship 3.Tag Team WWE Championship 4.i-c Championship 5.Womeans Championship 6.Diva Championship 7.HW. Championship There is 7 Championship belts in the WWE right now!!

How are the WWE championship belts so loose?

coz most of them are fat!

Who makes wrestling championship belts?

People who work in the WWE business.

Will mattel make any more WWE title belts?

Mattel had resenly released the Utimate WWE Championship, but. Yes, Mattel will make more WWE belts, thought we don't no when, but, they have to. Otherwise people will eventulaly get tried of the same belts, and return to buying Jakks Pacfic belts. Though I've heard rumors about some of the possibiltys that Mattel would make (hopefully).... Mattel WWE United States Championship Mattel WWE Intercontenental Championship Mattel WWE Divas Championship Mattel WWE Women's Championship (I don't know about the Tag Titles though, personaly, I think that people really don't care about the Tag Titles anymore, BUT... you never know.)

What belts can be unlocked in smackdown versus raw 2009?

WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, Intercontental Championship, United States Championship, Cruiserweight Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship, World Tag Team Championship, Hardcore Championship, Womens Championship.

Who has won second most belts in WWE?

Triple H has the second most Wwe championship/world heavyweight titles. overal with all the minor belts idk.