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Q: How many akatsuki survivors were there?
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How many missions are there in akatsuki mode in Naruto akatsuki rising?


Haw meany people have the akatsuki killed?

too many to count but the akatsuki are after jinkchurikis and their bijuus

How many survivors were on the titanic?

about 713 survivors

Who would win in a fight arrancar vs akatsuki?

oh that's easy... the akatsuki (srry bleach fans)akatsuki will kill they have itachi pein many types of pein

How many survivors were there of Naraez' party?

How many survivors were there of Naves party

How many girls are in akatsuki?

1. It's Konan

A plane crashed into the side of the mountain How many survivors were their?

None. There were no survivors.

How do you spell survivor?

The plural of survivor is survivors. As in "there were many survivors".

Is natuto in the akatsuki?

no the akatsuki is hunting him instead...

What has the author Akatsuki Kambayashi written?

Akatsuki Kambayashi has written: 'Kambayashi Akatsuki' 'Shuiro no tamago'

How did master jiraya died?

He died because he fight against the akatsuki, the leader of the akatsuki. Pain, he is the leader of the akatsuki, Master jiraya was killed by the akatsuki.

How many chapters are in akatsuki mode?

like 10 or 11