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434 days the best in the world held the wwe championship

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Q: How many days has WWE champion cm punk hold the WWE championship?
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What are the requirements to have a conference championship game in NCAA football?

There really are none. The conferences that hold championship games are those that have so many teams that they are broken into two divisions. The winner of each division will play in the championship game to crown a conference champion. Conferences that are not broken into two divisions do not have a championship game.

How many to the WWE championship weight?

the wwe champion is cm punk and he weighs 218 pounds

How many times could you be the WWE champion?

As many times as Vince or the story writers let you win the championship.

How many times did Melina won the WWE diva championship?

Melina has been WWE women's champion 3 times, and divas champion 2 times!

How many days has cm punk been WWE champion?

285 days

How Many times has Randy Orton won world wrestling entertainment championship?

6 times WWE Champion

How Many times has john cena won world wrestling entertainment championship?

he has been champion 5 times

How many times has MVP won a championship belt?

Three times. 2x United States Champion & 1x WWE Tag Team Champion w/ Matt Hardy

How many times has Sheamus been WWE Champion?

WWE Superstar Sheamus has held the WWE Championship twice.This information is correct as on May 10, 2013.Note: Please note that the question is asking solely about the WWE Championship, not how many championships Sheamus has held overall, before you edit the answer.

How many belts have jeff hardy won?

Jeff Hardy was very successful in both the WWE and TNA and has won multiple title belts. They are: In WWE: a. 2 time world heavyweight champion b. 1 time WWE champion c. 1 time European champion d. 3 time Hardcore champion e. 7 time Tag team champion f. 4 time Intercontinental champion g. 1 time Light heavyweight champion In TNA a. 2 time TNA world heavyweight champion

How many champion league fc real Madrid have won?

Real Madrid hold the record of 9 champion league titles.

How many times has tiger woods won the champion ship?

He has won the a championship 100 times, 74 of them on the PGA tour.