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Q: How many fights has Ronda Rousey fought?
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How many medals did the US win in judo in the 2008 Olympics?

One medal. Ronda Rousey - Bronze - Women's 70 Kg.

How many fights has he fought?


How many fights have layla ali fought?

24 fights, 24 wins, 21 by ko.

How many forts won by sambhaji maharaj?

he fought 140 fights and won all 140 fights

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How many fights did Jake lamotta win against sugar ray?

LaMotta and Robinson fought six times with LaMotta winning once (their second bout).

How many times do naruto and Saskue fight?

they have fought twice in the original series (i mean full on fights not the spaz attaks that they have lol)

How many fights did Mike Tyson lose?

he fought 58 fights..... won 50 (KO 44) + lost 6(KO 5) + drawn 0 + 2 no contests= 58rounds boxed 217 : KO% 75.86

Most famous amphitheater where gladiator fights occured?

The most famous amphitheater where gladiator fights occurred was the Colosseum.

How many fights have been fought between Christians and Muslims up to now?

The use of the word "fights" makes this questionable. - 'Wars' or 'military actions' would make more sense, but not much easier to answer. - How far back are we to go in looking at this - to at least as far as the Byzantine-Rashidun Wars ?

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They did many fights with dangerous weapons.