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200 so far

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Q: How many make a wish wishes has john cena granted?
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Who has granted the most wishes for the Make-a-wish foundation?

Pro wrestler John Cena and is in the company WWE!

Who has granted the most make a wish wishes?

Pro wrestler John Cena and is in the company WWE!

Does john cena have a charity?

I do not think so,but he is active in the Make-A-Wish Foundation, where he recently received an award for many wishes granted. I believe is one the most requested people in that organization.

Does john Cena donate time?

To Charity? Yes ...He Donates ALOT of Time to the Make-A-Wish Fondation... He Also Fundraises for Them... He Has Granted OVER 200 Wishes Since '04 (More Than ANY Wrestler EVER!) He Continues to Donate Time Even on the Road... Also.., Mr. Cena is an Embassador of Make-a-Wish.., He Was Granted Highest Honors in '06...

What sentence can you make with granted?

the genie in Aladdin granted Aladdin wishes.

Does John Cena have tattoos?

john cena dont got tattos because he thinks they make you look stronger but john cena thinks he looks storng enough.

What did john cena do to make such a body?

to make a win.

Will John cena create a group to stop nexus?

Yes, John Cena will make a group to stop Nexus..

What does John Cena do to ease tension?

John Cena loves to wrestle. When He is feeling stressed he goes to the Gym. John has been lifting since he was 13 when his father (John Cena SR.), asked him what he wanted for Christmas. John answered " I want a weightlifting set." Then when he was 15 he met up with Dave Nocks, at Hard Nocks Gym. Since then He has place Second two times in a pose down competition. One day while Cena was lifting in the Gym the Owners of the UPW organization saw Cena lifting and he was then introduced to Wrestling. After the UPW He went to OVW then To WWE

Is this too much to ask for Christmas?

If you do not ask, you will not get. If you ask, at least you will make your wishes known. The fact that you ask does not mean you will get. It simply means you will make your wishes known. Sometimes wishes are granted but postponed.

How do you make a john Cena CAW on Smackdown vs raw for PS3?

Why would you do that? John Cena is already in the game as a playable character.

When did cena make that statement?

john cena made it once he started cant see me!