How many matches are in WWE 12?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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21 because there are new matches

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Q: How many matches are in WWE 12?
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Are there falls count anywhere matches in WWE 12?


How many matches at a WWE ppv?

6 - 8

How many matches goldberg wins in WWE?


Will there be casket matches in WWE 2k15?

No. There will be no casket matches in the WWE 2015.

How many matches did Randy Orton won in wwe?


Which matches in WWE is not predetermined?

Cyber Sunday. The WWE Fans pick the matches but then they are predetrmined. Other then that, none.

How many times did the undertaker lost in WWE matches?

LIKE 109

How many matches did WWE superstar john cena win in 2007?


Where can i find out who is going towin WWE matches?

you cant if you could then what would be the point of watching wwe matches HUH

Who won the most ladder matches in WWE history?

i think Edge has won the most ladder matches in WWE history.

Is WWE 12 the best game WWE game yet?

yes, because not like the other wwe games a diva cannot have a first blood match and other match that divas are not allowed maybe in wwe 12 they can now allow the divas to have some other matches that the superstars do

How many elimanation chambers in wwe were there?

If you mean how many elimination chamber matches have there been,then there have been 11.