How many more naruto seasons?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Rumor has it that Naruto only has a couple more episodes before it end. Though, it's only a rumor... Hopefully.


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Q: How many more naruto seasons?
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Is Naruto only 9 seasons and if so from what season does Naruto shippuden start?

Naruto has no seasons, only part 1 (pre-Shippuuden) and part 2 (Shippuuden).

Where can you buy all seasons of naruto?

walmart when all the seasons are over

Why is naruto not on cartoon network any more?

they stopped producing dubbed episodes of naruto and they're already replayed all the seasons like 4 times. :)

How many episode is Naruto?

ordinary naruto:210,naruto shippuden:still showing more and more episodes

What are Naruto games?

There's Naruto Ultimate Ninja,Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles, Naruto Ninja council,and many more.......

How many seasons of Naruto are there?

i think 8 u can watch them on,,and u have to watch it in Japanese and there are subtitles in English on, and u can watch the episodes that played on tv in America in English (censored) and episodes on in japan in Japanese with English subtitles.

How many seasons are there of Gossip Girl?

there are 6 seasons of gossip girl, and there will be no more

How many more seasons of How I Met What if your Mother will there be?

At least 8 seasons

How many more Naruto games is there?

a lot...

Will they be selling naruto seasons on DVD?

check an f.y.e. for some they have made them

How many more seasons are there for vampire diaries to finalize?

6 or 7 seasons.

Where to go to download safe naruto episodes?

The best website to watch safe naruto episodes is when you get on the website then you need to type in naruto and it will show you all of the seasons including shippuden.