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However much you want to make. But ill get more money than u anyday bruv

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Q: How much money do you make for dog fights?
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Is money involved in dog fights?

yes lots of money

Why do people make dog fights?

Entertainment, and to bet to see which dog was better. It started in china.

How much money does dog the bounty hunter make?

200,000 per eposide

How much money Elvis Presley make off hound dog?

69p each

Where can you find real pitbul fights?

Dog fights are illegal

Why should dog fights be alowed?

Dog fights are not allowed and never will be!! Chloeskitty's: Also Because ITS ILLGAL.

Who is responsible for pitbull aggression?

The abuse, nectlctful, owners who beat the dogs up and make them fight at dog fights with other dog

What is the most kind of dog that are in dog fights?


How many dog fights are there in California?

Who knows, but lets make sure it doesnt increase.. It illegal and inhuman.

How dog trained for dog fights?

i dot know' ? Dog fighting is Illegal

How much money is it to have a dog?

It depends on the kind of dog you want. :)

How much money does a dog groomer make per year in Arizona?

30-45,000 A year Depending on the salon