How old is kharma from WWE?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Q: How old is kharma from WWE?
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How old is WWE kharma?

yes she will be 35 this year

Is WWE kharma pregnant?

Yes,Kharma is pregnant! She will be back though. Kharma was released into the WWE earlier. But,she will be back sometime this year or in 2012. Sources:I'm a country,WWE fan,that loves Kharma to death! (;

Did WWE kharma used to be in TNA?

Yes, WWE diva Kharma work for TNA under the name of Awsome Kong

Is kharma coming back to WWE and when?


Who is the heviest WWE diva?


What is WWE superstar Kharma's real name?

Kharma's real name is Kia Stevens.

Who is the heaviest women in WWE history?


Is WWE diva kharma a lesbian?

no . she is't.

Is WWE diva kharma performing tonight?


How much does Wwe kharma weight?


Has Kharma been in WWE before?

no but she was in tna!

How much does kharma weigh in WWE?

There is no official weight listed for Kharma in WWE, as wrestler weights are not always disclosed. However, she is known for her strength and agility in the ring.