How old is randyorton?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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who isworld Wrestling entertaimentsuperstar randy orton girlfriends name

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Q: How old is randyorton?
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Does Triple H suck to randyorton?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not in 100 years

Can you send a email to randy orton?

yes we can by RANDYORTON@WWE.COM

Wwe superstar randyorton music?

=It calls (Burn in my light) by Killswitch=

What is the top 10 songs for WWE 2012?

edge randyorton john cena

How does randyorton do rko?

he puts his fists on the ground and does pushups then slaps his legs the does a neckbracker.

Who wins this year bash for wrestling Triple H or randyorton?

rko is gonna dominate hhh

Who trained WWE Randyorton?

WWE 2005 Hall Of Famer "Cowboy" Bob orton, Jr.

Who are the wrestlers who get cheered in the WWE?

`the most famous ones like RandyOrton,JeffHardy,Metthardy x

Is john cena going to win at breaking point?

trust me dude he is going to make randyorton sayiquite

Why cant you beat randyorton?

because he is the champ and they try to make hilook good.thats why cena never lost.its all in the

Best WWE fighter?

sheamus because he is the best fighter by defeating many superstars and from them randyorton,kane and many other

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Toonami was canceled due to the fact that many parents were complaining that the network was too 'loud'(as in violent and actiony) They got cancelled due to lost of views too sign to bring back toonami