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Ur face

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Q: How quickly do you die from mono if someone punches you?
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Is it possible to die from mono?

yes you cld dy

Could mono kill someone because of all the pressure and having to make sure no one hits youre gut?

Mono, well it depends some times someone commits suicide because of all the stuff going on in their body and when you have mono its very important for that person to make sure no one hits their stomach or that persons organs could break and bleed and if you don't get to the hospital in time you could die.

Your boyfriend has mono should you get tested?

Yes, because if you get it, you could die.

If you were in Uranus's atmosphere would you die slowly or quickly?

You would die quickly

What happens when the body cannot compensate quickly enough for uncontrollable bleeding?

If someone is not there to control the bleeding (or the person, if capable), the person will die.

If you get shot in the head will it kill you quickly?

No. this would not kill you quickly. the only thing that could kill you is the loss of blood. It is common for someone to die with a shot in the head but the chances are 2/5 that you will survive

How many people die from mono a year?

Mono is typically a mild illness, and deaths from mono are extremely rare. Most cases of mono resolve on their own with rest and adequate hydration. In the rare instances where complications arise, such as liver or spleen enlargement, fatalities are still very uncommon.

Do you have to see a doctor if you have mono?

yes. it would help if the doctors could examine you. then maybe they can help you not die.

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