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take the buckles off

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Q: How you curve the center plate on your WWE belt?
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How big is the center plate of the WWE kids replica title belt?

the center plate for the kidz replica belts is 36 inches

Is the name plate on a wwe kids replica spinner belt?

I Mean Is it REmveble

Does WWE superstars have 1 of each belt?

i think so, if not they got there own name plate for each title

How do the WWE get the superstars names on the title belt?

they have one belt which superstars use in the entrances and stuff and you can see there are two screws on the name plate to take it on and off and when people win the tiitle they get there own belt which they can keep

What does the WWE champion get?

The WWE Championship Belt.

Did batista ever win the WWE spinner belt?

yes his won wwe spinner belt.

Who owns the WWE spinner belt John Cena or WWE?

The WWE own the spinner belt, John Cena just designed it. (by the way the belt doesn't spin anymore)

What wwe belt has Kane never held?

Well he has held the world heavyweight belt, the wwe belt, the ecw belt, the intercontinental belt and the world tag team championships so that just leavs the united states belt and the WWE tag team championships

Wwe diva eve losing her belt soon?

is wwe diva c hampion losing her belt soon

What happened to the WWE internet championship?

The title was never a real title in WWE. It was unsanctioned by WWE. Though it was never used on television, he belt can be defended on WWE '13, WWE 2K14, and the belt appears on the PS3 and Xbox 360 verisons of WWE 2K15.

Is there a WWE training center in California?

The only WWE Training center is in Tampa FL

Were can you buy a real WWE chapenship?

your so stupid u cant get a real belt there is only one of the belt eg wwe championship,and that is only on wwe ur stupid guy