In WWE is Kane the original actor?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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the guy who plays Kane has played Kane since the character debuted in 1997.

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yes the original Kane still wrestles on smackdown.

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Q: In WWE is Kane the original actor?
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Where does the WWE Kane live at?

wwe Kane live at Knoxville, Tennessee

How is festus imposter Kane?

its the undertaker not festus he don't know choke slam During never wwe made a story line involving wwe superstar Glen Jacobs also known as Kane and undertaker Also known asthe phenom/deadman , who was playin an Impsoster Kane (the original Kane)

Where can you get Kane's email?

Is abyss the masked Kane?

No. Kane is still on Friday Night Smackdown. Abyss is on TNA. That is wrong the Kane on wwe is the new Kane the original Kane could be Abyss

Abyss was the original Kane cause he got the same gimmick on tna and he sound like him like Kane in 2001?

Abyss was not the orignal Kane, Abyss' gimmick is a cross between Kane and Mankind. There has only been one Kane on WWE and that is Glen Jacobs.

How heavy is Kane from WWE?

Kane weighs 323pounds.

Kane VS Kane?

WWE vengeance 2006

Is the present WWE Kane the real Kane?


When was John Kane - actor - born?

John Kane - actor - was born in 1746.

Who is Kane ohrel?

Kane is wwe wrestler but i don't know who Kane Ohrel is.

Did WWE every explain why Paul Bearer was Kane?

NO do to WWE Kane didn't want to bother after an injury

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