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its because they are overpoweringly strong. China during that time that i believe is the early 1900s because it was either during the gold rush or the after-effects of the gold rush , was not as powerful as it is today because of its government, climate and labor. The Americans had everything and had their own government to support them. Not only that, but they would abuse foreigners like Chinese as an example of discrimination. This is paralleled to the first appearance of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan), where the African Americans had no legal rights and wanted to show white supremacy. Even after the first appearance, the KKK attacked other races and religions in their rebirth in the 1900s. Thinking outside of the box this time, I don't think its mention in the book that would support my answer, but in my opinion the American's way of supremacy would influence the Chinese to make them turn into 'demons.' Look at us now in a Chinese perspective..... Does a Chinese family still run to be known as a disciplinary family, strict as it ever was, but still relaxed? Has our culture since we've gotten to America died down within our family without the help of other devoted Chinese families? Let's all take a small moment to remember this and reflect on this before we make our own families ok?

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Q: In dragonwings why do they call the Americans demons?
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Yep is portrayed as a friendly and helpful demon, in contrast to the more sinister and malevolent demons typically depicted in "Dragonwings." This makes the Whitlaws appear distinctive by showing that demons can also have positive qualities and form meaningful relationships with humans. By humanizing demons like Yep, the Whitlaws challenge the traditional stereotypes associated with these supernatural beings in the novel.

In dragonwings what are demons?

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When the tangs use the word demon who are they referring to in the book Dragonwings?

In the book "Dragonwings" by Laurence Yep, the Tang people use the term "demon" to refer to the Chinese immigrants' fear and superstitions about the supernatural forces that could bring them harm or bad luck. It reflects their cultural beliefs and the struggles they face in a new environment.

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