Is Eddie gurerro really dead

Updated: 12/16/2022
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unfortunately yes

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Q: Is Eddie gurerro really dead
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Did Eddie gurerro cheat death?

Apparently not since he is dead

What is Eddie gurerro's real name?

Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes.

Why does rey myserio hate Eddie gurerro?

He doesn't they were best friends

Who was Eddie long's first wife?

Vickie Gurerro is the wrong answer. The correct answer is Debra.

Will Eddie Gurerro ever get another title shot?

Oh yes! Trust him. He HAS another title shot he died so no no hes dead i no its sad viva la raza

Why is undertaker dead that not really or holy to talk about?

not really, it's part of the story line, now eddie gurrero is dead

Wwe Is Eddie guerrueo really dead?

Eddie Guerrero passed away for real in the year of 2005.

Is Eddie really dead or is it a story line?

Sadly Eddie Guerrero actually passed away November 13, 2005.

Eddie dead or alive?

Eddie is dead

Is Edge really in love with Vickie Gurerro?

No Edge is not really in love with Vicky that's just an act so she would help him out that's why they broke up when she quite.

Is the actor Eddie Murphy dead or not?

Eddie Murphy is not dead

Who is the lightest in WWE?

it chavo gurerro and then hornswoggle.