Is John Cena and batista mates?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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they were but batista attacked Rey Mysterio rey and batista will get drafted to raw then another wwe tag team belt will then undertaker and John Cena and hornswoggle and rey and dx will be unified tag team champions another will come batista and regal and Rhodes but ted leaves legacy cause ted and Jericho will turn good so batista and reagl and Rhodes will leave wwe and if ur not down with dat we go to words for u suck it

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Q: Is John Cena and batista mates?
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Is John Cena brothers with Batista?

No, John Cena and Batista are not brothers.

Does John cena like batista?

yes john cena does like batista

Do batista can beat John cena?

in my opinion, batista can beat john cena! i <3 Batista , oh why did you leave!!! :'(

Did WWE John Cena beat Batista at extreme rules?

Yes he did. John Cena defeated Batista.

Who is stronger John Cena or batista?

Batista, simply look at his statistics and it will become evident.

Who won out of john cena and batista at wretlemanina 26?

john cena

Who will win at wreastlemania 26 batista or john cena?

John Cena

Who you think will win john cena or batista?

You can't see me Batista! John Cena will win after interference from Bret Hart.

Who won when john cena played batista in 2008?


Who won between John cena and Batista at wrestlemania 26?

John Cena.

What did batista do to John Cena?

He reipt him

Who is stronger john cena or?