Is Johnny nitro married

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Not yet....

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Q: Is Johnny nitro married
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Is Melina marry?

No but she did date Batista and Johnny Nitro [ John Morrison]

Why does John Morrison look like Johnny Nitro on Smackdown vs Raw 2008?

John Morrison is Johnny Nitro.

What is the codebreaker code to change johnny nitro into john Morrison?

You cannot use a codebreaker code to change Johnny Nitro into Morrision.

Did john Morrison used to be johnny nitro?

yes.... he used to be johnny nitro when him and malina were teamed together, but then he changed his name to john Morrison

Who is John Morrison's brother?

johnny nitro

Who was the old John Morrison?

johnny nitro

What does Johnny nitro's feet look like?

Johnny Nitro's feet are orange that stand out with his pants. Besides he is on RAW not ECW. he has five toes on each one

Is john morison johnny nitro?

Yes he jyust changed his name from jhony nitro to john morison

Is johnny nitro dead?

No, he will be 29 on October 3rd.

How old is Johnny Nitro?

US wrestler John Hennigan, aka Johnny Nitro and Johnny Mundo is 38 years old (born October 3, 1979).His other former wrestling name was John Morrison.

Is johny nitro john Morrison?

yes that is just john morrisons old name!!!!! (i hate him)

Did superstar johnny nitro date Melina?

She has been linked to John Morrison (also known as Johnny Nitro) and also Batista. Melina and John were in a long term relationship that did not work out.