Is Sasuke joined the sound ones?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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I'm not sure if this is the answer you are looking for but I'll do my best.

When Sasuke left the village he did join the Sound 5 however, they were all killed when trying to bring him to Orochimaru. This meant there was no more sound five.

If your question is asking if he joined the Hidden Sound then no. Although he joined Orochimaru, he never wore a sound head band. Also keep in mind that Orochimaru basically used the sound to try and bring down Konoha before ditching the sound village when they failed.

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Q: Is Sasuke joined the sound ones?
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Is Sasuke a member of the akutsi?

Aye. In the current episdoes of Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke Uchiha and his merry tribe have joined with the Akatsuki. Sasuke joined after Madara Uchiha revealed himself to him, after Sasuke had defeated Itachi Uchiha. =]

Will Sasuke be evil?

yes when he joined the akutusaki

What episode does Sakon fight Sasuke?

He and the other sound ninja fight Sasuke in episode 109 (An Invitation from the Sound).

What did Sasuke do after he killed itachi?

Planed to kill the hokage and joined the akatsuki.

Does Sasuke get a sound headband in Naruto?

No, he does not.

Does Sasuke become the kage of the sound?

ya he does

Why did Sasuke joined the akatsuki?

I think it was to get revenge on konoha and betray the akatski to find out their weaknesses

Does Sasuke become chuunin?

He hasn't...Sasuke dropped out of the Ninja Leveling System as a Genin and joined Orochimaru, now he has the abilities of a Special Jonin, which is just below Kage title.

Who become a akatsuki later?

Since Sasuke joined Akatsuki as a temporary ally and Tobi was leading Akatsuki from the shadows, Hidan

What hip hop heroes joined?

The gay ones

Where can you find sound files for Sasuke?

Try it has lots of sound files, backgrounds, and pictures from games used for non-profit purposes.

Who is Sasuke on Naruto?

In the anime Naruto,Sasuke is a member of the Uchiha clan. He was Naruto's team mate but he betrayed his team and joined Orochimaru for power,but Naruto is determined to bring him back.Curently,Sasuke's status is that of an S-class Missing-Nin and member of Akatsuki and he shows no intention of willingly returning to Konoha. and he's smexy. rawr