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No he is the smart and talented dx member

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Q: Is Shawn Michael of WWE mentally challenged?
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Is Shawn Michaels of WWE mentally retarded?


What Is WWE Shawn Michaels real name?

Michael Shawn Hickenbottom

When will Shawn Michael return to WWE?

Shawn michaels is already back!

Is Shawn Michael's retiring WWE forever?


What is the real name of the wwe superstar Shawn michals?

Shawn Michaels real name is Michael Shawn Hickenbottom

How old is WWE's Shawn Michael?

Shawn was born July 22, 1965 making him 43 Shawn is 44

Will hbk return to WWE?

Shawn Michael will be back at summerslam

Who made the song of Shawn Michael in WWE raw?

Shawn michaels sang his own song

Where is Shawn michael the wrestler?

Unfortunately Shawn lost his battle against The Undertaker and had to quit WWe

How do you download Shawn Michael's on WWE 12 for PS3?

Shawn Michaels is already on WWE 12. You have to unlock him.

Who sings WWE Shawn Michael Theme?

Jimmy Hart is the person who wrote Shawn Michael's theme song. This song is called Sexy Boy.

Is Shawn Michael in WWE?

No he is not under contract to WWE he is retired from active wrestling, he does however make speical apperances.