Is WWE 14 going tocome out?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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WWE 14 is not going to come out. The THQ company, who develops and publishes Video Games, and is the company that published the WWE video games until it went bankrupt in 2012. The sequel to WWE 13 is WWE 2K14.

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yes because wwe 13 has an adittude ar. the adittude ar is basicly what happend in the past like the rock and mandkind for an example. they did rock and sock. start off with dx end up in mandkind. if you have wwe 13 or when you get wwe 13 you will have fun because usually i would be tired off it like i was with wwe 12 and 11 and so forerd, but im still playing it today jan 15, 2013

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Not yet

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Q: Is WWE 14 going tocome out?
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