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h=ll yes vince micman is already "injured" im begining to think the wwe isn't anything but a bunch of bulls--t

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Q: Is WWE going to have a mr accident in the future?
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When will e3 show WWE 12?

wwe is going to fire mr McMahon and randy ortons gonna be the chairman of the wwe

How do you type Mr Jones' accident or is it Mr. Jones's accident?

"Mr. Jones' accident"

Did WWE fire Mr. Kennedy?

No, WWE did not fire Mr. Kennedy. He was released from his WWE contract.

When did mr machman joined WWE?

Mr. McMahon didn't join WWE he owns WWE as did his father before him!

Who is going to be making a comeback to the WWE?

Mr Kennedy came back on the last Monday night Raw

When was Mr. Accident created?

Mr. Accident was created in 2000.

What is Mr. Machman's from WWE sexual orientation?

There is no one from the WWE named "Mr. Machman"

Is mr kenndey and mr Anderson the same person?

Yes he retired from WWE and is now on TNA as MR. Anderson He didn't retire from WWE he was fired from WWE big difference

Is Mr Kennedy suspended from the WWE?

On May 29, 2009, Mr. Kennedy was released from his WWE contract.

How do you unlock Yoshi totsu on smackdown vs raw 2011?

you unlock him by going on wwe universe when mr machman comes in.

Does Mr Kennedy still wrestle?

Yes, Mr. Kennedy does still wrestle, but not in WWE. He was released from his WWE contract.

Is WWE ever goin to get rid of mr McMahon?

NO! Mr. McMahon is the owner of WWE as well as one of its best heels!